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Bebolucja succeeded – JMBG za sve!

After mass protests against the inefficiency and corruption of the political class of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the parliament in Sarajevo finally adopted a law on identification number JMBG last Thursday. The demonstrations began after the death of a child who could not leave the country and go abroad for treatment due to the lack of documents.


Again a wave of mass protests flooded the world. They poured out of small things and turned into huge social movements. In Turkey, it began with the decision on the liquidation of the park, in Brazil – on ticket price increases, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina – on issuing identification numbers JMBG. Each of the above decisions of the governments “crossed the line” of patience of citizens and evoked their strong opposition.

In Bosnia, it all started in February when the court struck down a law on issuing JMBG numbers. As a consequence of the sentence,  authorities suspended issuing of all documents, which JMBG number was necessary for. The court’s verdict and the lack of a rapid response from the government caused an impasse: children who were born after the lifting of the regulation, were not receiving neither insurance cards nor passports.

The patience of BiH citizens run out with the death of a newborn who could not leave the country to go abroad for treatment. This sad moment caused the first protest – Sarajevo residents took to the streets with their children, loudly demanding issuing “JMBG for all” (“JMBG for sve”).

To make matters even worse, the politicians (and what is not meaningless – the representatives of different ethnic groups) additionally submitted the proposal to define the fact of belonging to the inhabited entity – the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Republika Srpska to the JMBG identification number. This idea provoked further indignation among the society, strongly affected by the war, where ethnic aspects were the trouble spots. “We are one country”, “all together,” Bosnians, Serbs and Croats said and marched arm in arm through the streets to oppose the division, as well as the inefficiency and corruption of those in power.

“We are citizens of this country – parents with children, male and female students, housewives, workers, the unemployed, pensioners, regardless of ethnic origin or religious group, or any other status, and our common interest is respect of the rights of every single person, and especially children. We call all citizens, who want to live in a country where politicians do their job and fulfill legal obligations”, we can read on the official JMBG movement website.

In the Balkans, where the dust after the war is not yet well settled, this moment of “solidarity beyond ethnicity” was extremely important.

Bebolucja, or Bosnian “revolution of babies”, or JMBG movement, succeeded – it united all Bosnians. To add to this success, on Thursday the parliament in Sarajevo adopted a law on identification numbers.

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