Dziewczynka z książką

A sunny weekend in your own garden? It does not have to be boring!

Usually, it is colourful magazines that tell us what to wear, which colour should we use to paint our nails, and what would be the most trendy thing to lie on on the grass, but „A girl with a book” has its own favourites. Below, you will find our sets for an afternoon in a garden.


SET 1:

Obraz 588

From the left:
Huge, warm and comfortable blanket in a panther pattern. A wild animal always presents itself well in the open outdoors.

Fruits and vegetables are not only trendy, but also provide us with few vitamins. If we want to be 100% ecological, we should serve them in a little basket.

Hand-painted t-shirt “I STAND WITH MALALA”, because supporting education is incredibly trendy these days.

Sunglasses in a fashionable shape. Luckily at home no one will notice that they are not branded…oh well, no one will even notice that they are completely „unbranded”.

The book – Vanna Vannuccini “Pink is the colour of Persia. A dream about the islamic democracy.” The correspondent for “La Repubblica” analyses the contemporary Iran and proves that the things that are pink do not have to be necessarily spoiled by „girliness” („girly” has become a very trendy description recently).


SET 2:

Obraz 570

From the left:
Hand-decorated t-shirt “I STAND WITH MALALA”. Trendy people have big ideas and it is worth presenting at least one of them on their own chest.

MQ mug – Museums Quartier Wien. Foreign, so good.

Nail polish and body oil of brands that we do not advertise.

Grandma’s old blanket, because it is the most comfortable one to lie on on the grass.

A book titled „The bone woman”, written by a fantastic woman, human rights activist, court anthropologist  C. Kuff, who has been working for few years for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ICTR and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo. C. Kuff carried out investigations on the bones of victims of war crimes. She is trying to establish their past – facilitate their identification and the way they lost their lives. She also „puts the bodies together”, as not all of them had been preserved in one piece, and passes them on to families, so that they can finally bury their dears…


SET 3:

Obraz 574

From the left:
Both yellow and fleece are hated by fashion, but when we put them together, we will stand above the fashion, and those who reach over fashion become consequently even more „trendy”. A yellow fleece blanket is a must-have then. It matches the juicy green colour of grass so well.

Crazy sunglasses in all colours of the world at once. If we reach over the trends anyway with (relative only) tackiness of the yellow fleece, we should definitely have plastic sunglasses, which will emphasise this supposedly tackiness.

A French china cup filled with aromatic coffee will ideally break the conventionality – it will add exquisiteness, chick and elegance to the set. Remember, never fill the cup up to the brim!

Golden nail polish – it will beautifully reflect the warm sunrays.

“I STAND WITH MALALA” t-shirt, made from the old t-shirt. Handmade is now the trendiest of the trendiest.

The book of Maria-Paula Erizanu „This is my first revolution. Steal it from me”. Poetical and girly character memories from the first Twitter revolution in the world that took place on 7 April 2009 in Chisinau. 18-year-old then Maria-Paula takes part in demonstrations, which shook Moldova – apart from physical upheavals, namely arresting, beating, and even death of manifestants or even a burnt down building of the Parliament, „April revolution” ended up in the removal of the communist party from power.


SET 4:

Obraz 593

From the left:
As we have mentioned above, a blanket in a panther pattern is an ideal proposition for the courtyard rest. With a more vivid fantasy a person can even feel like in a jungle lying on it.

Nails should be painted in pink. Especially „barbie pink” is really trendy these days. The colour does not have to mean „girliness” of the person who is wearing it. Quite opposite, it can be in fact an inteligent play with the stereotype.

Don’t forget about the accessorise! Even if you are lying in your own garden, you should not forget about taking care of the details. Our proposition is a plastic beads necklace in a similar colour (but not the same one!) to the colour of your toe nails. You should also take care of the wrists – when you will be turning the book pages, metallic bracelets will provide you with a musical accompaniment when clinking. You will be amazed!

Besides ecological small baskets, simple, white minimalistic dishes are also really trendy. We suggest serving nuts in them.

“I STAND WITH MALALA” t-shirt. Remember, you never know who will walk into your garden. If a stranger appears and asks out of curiosity what does the sign on your chest mean, you will have a perfect opportunity to shine brighter than the sun that is tanning you and tell him about a difficult situation in the Swat valley.

A book of Barbara Demick „Nothing to envy”. Bureau chief of „The Los Angeles Times” in Beijing, correspondent from Seoul and previously from the Eastern Europe, Middle East and former Yugoslavia – she lived in Sarajevo during the war. For her work she received George Polk Prize, Robert F. Kennedy Prize and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Her book „Nothing to envy” is based on interviews she carried out with refugees from North Korea. For her publications related to the subject matter she received Overseas Press Club, Joe and Laurie Dine Prize, Osborne Elliott Prize, Samuel Johnson Prize and was also nominated to the National Book Award. Los Angeles Press Club awarded her with the best journalist of the year title. In Poland „Nothing to envy” was among the finalists of the Ryszard Kapuściński Prize. In other words, a book that should not be missed.

Enjoy your lying on the grass!

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