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Girls from Nagorno Karabakh stand with Malala, too!


Knowledge is  Right!

My name is Anush Ghavalyan and I am from Nagorno Karabakh. As a youth activist I would like to share with you a little information about the gender equality situation in my society.

Women are actively involved in the social-political life of Nagorno Karabakh. They are in leading positions in Politics (4 Ministers are women), business, public administration,  NGO’s and etc.

Women have all the rights to choose their own future profession to study. The access to the labour market is not limited with any special precondition related to the gender issue.

The general perceptions about the role of women in society are changing. Now there are more liberal attitudes towards women in families, as well as in the society. Day to day, their level of participation in the decision making process is increasing.

Of course, it’s impossible to escape from the domestic violence based on the perception of  gender inequality. In my personal opinion,  women rights’ violations are related not only to the perception of gender inequality , but also to the entire human rights’ situation of the country.

Working in the NGO field (Nagorno Karabakh Committee of “Helsinki Initiative-92”) me and my colleagues are providing different actions (trainings, seminars, discussions, debates and etc.) aiming to improve gender issues situation in the society. Our last project called “let Women in” implemented in the framework of  the “Black Sea NGO Fellowship” Programme was a triletarial project and aimed for comparative study of gender issues’ situation in three different societies: Bulgaria as an EU member state, Turkey as an EU candidate country and Nagorno Karabakh as a de-facto state.

Evaluating all all research and experience in this field we could say that the best way to stand against domestic violence is to empower women through education. Knowledge is a power to find the ways to protect our own rights. Knowledge  is transforming to the Rights in the end.

So, we are for the right to Education and we stand with you, Malala!



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