Dziewczynka z książką



Dziewczynka z książką / GIRLWITHABOOK Poland collects pictures of people holding a book and a sign “I stand with Malala” in a order to support actions of Pakistani activist – Malala Yousafzai. Out of collected pictures (that everyone can send to us), we will create and publish a photo album. Income from album sales will be used to purchase books for Pakistani schools.

Along with pictures, we collect stories of girls from all over the world, which will also be published in our album.

If you like to share your thoughts or story with us, or make a donation in the form of photos, e-mail us at .


We believe that helping starts with the smallest gesture and, therefore, we prepared a poster which you can download, print out and hang in your cafes, bookstores, sewing places, take it to a nearby library, a community center, school, and indicate the place which together with us promote education. Anyone can join our campaign. Poster (in polish) can be downloaded here –


Would you like to organize “Girl with a book” photo exhibition in your city? Would you like to organize a lecture about a Pakistan, Burma, Cambodia or another country? Or maybe an evening with Middle East literature? Would you like women in your town to join “Girl with a book” campaign? That can be organized in a simple way. E-mail us at:

So far, we visited 9 towns, we gave 11 lectures about socio-political situation in the various countries (ex. Pakistan, Burma, Cambodia…) and about Middle East literature, we prepared workshops for kids, we were present at the festivals like Big Book Festival in Warsaw or Photo Fringe / Photomonth in Cracow and more… Working with the Poland-Asia Research Center, SWPS College as well as publishing house Barbelo, specialized in Middle East literature, ensure the quality of our meetings and lectures.

Our photo gallery

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